Grammarly Affiliate Digital Marketing

Welcome to the Grammarly Affiliate Program, where you can make money by advertising Grammarly’s superior writing tools. Whether you’re a marketer, an SEO guru, or simply enjoy writing, this program provides an excellent opportunity to cash your affiliate marketing efforts.

As an associate, you will earn a hefty 20% commission on all sales made through your referral links. With Grammarly’s vast reach and appeal to writers, bloggers, students, and professionals, you may target a diverse audience.


Signing up is simple. Visit the Grammarly Affiliate Program website, enter your email address, and generate a secure password. Make sure you read and agree to the terms and conditions. Once approved, you’ll get access to an affiliate dashboard full with marketing resources to help you.

Key Essential Highlighted Points of Grammarly Affiliates

  • Grammarly’s Affiliate Program provides a competitive 20% commission rate.
  • A diverse set of target audiences, including writers, bloggers, students, and professionals.
  • The minimum payout is $50, with a 90-day cookie window.
  • Signing up is straightforward and gives you access to a full affiliate dashboard.
  • Grammarly’s high-quality writing tools have gotten good feedback.

Organizational Information and Commission Schedule

Grammarly was created in 2009 and is based in San Francisco, California. With over 1,000 workers, Grammarly offers a variety of writing tools to help people improve their writing skills.

Grammarly offers an Affiliate Program, which allows people to earn commissions by marketing Grammarly’s writing products. The program has a competitive commission structure that pays $0.20 for a free registration and $20 for a premium subscription.

Affiliates can earn income from both free and paid users, making this a popular program for individuals interested in affiliate marketing. Affiliates can reach a wide range of audiences, including authors, bloggers, students, and professionals, thanks to Grammarly’s popularity and user-friendly interface.


To further motivate affiliates, the scheme includes a 90-day cookie window. This means that affiliates can receive commissions even if their referral does not complete a purchase right away. The longer the cookie window, the more likely you are to receive commissions from users who take longer to convert.

Grammarly’s Affiliate Program has a minimum compensation threshold of $50. This means that affiliates must attain a minimum earnings threshold of $50 before requesting a reward.

Overall, the Grammarly Affiliate Program has a competitive commission structure that allows affiliates to make money from both free registrations and premium subscriptions. With its broad appeal and excellent commission rates, the program represents a lucrative potential for affiliate marketers in the writing and education sectors.

Commission Structure Overview:

Commission TypeCommission Rate
Free Registrations$0.20
Premium Subscriptions$20

Advantages and disadvantages

When choosing the Grammarly Affiliate Program, there are various advantages and disadvantages to think about.


  • Strong Conversion Potential: The Grammarly Affiliate Program has a strong conversion potential due to the popularity and dependability of its writing tools. Affiliates with a high product and brand reputation are more likely to earn commissions through referral links.
  • Affiliates can earn large earnings for advertising Grammarly’s top writing tools. With a 20% commission rate, there is a good chance of making a lot of money from this program.
  • Grammarly’s writing tools appeal to a wide range of audiences, including writers, bloggers, students, and professionals. This broad appeal boosts the likelihood of gaining new clients and generating commissions.
  • The Grammarly Affiliate Program provides affiliates with a user-friendly dashboard that allows for real-time tracking and reporting. Affiliates may easily track referrals, conversions, and earnings.
  • The Grammarly Affiliate Program has earned favorable feedback from reputable platforms such as Trustpilot, Capterra, and G2. This reinforces the program’s legitimacy and potential for success.


  • One potential disadvantage of the Grammarly Affiliate Program is the limited 90-day cookie duration. This means that if a referral does not make a transaction within 90 days, affiliates may not receive a commission.
  • Grammarly has strong promotion requirements, which affiliates must observe. Adherence to these criteria may limit the marketing strategies that affiliates can use to promote Grammarly’s writing products.
High conversion potentialLimited 90-day cookie duration
Generous commissionsStrict promotion guidelines
Wide audience appeal
User-friendly dashboard
Positive reviews

How to Register

To join the Grammarly Affiliate Program, complete these simple steps:

  • Visit Grammarly’s Affiliate Program webpage.
  • Click the “Join Now” button.
  • Enter your email address, create a password, and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Submit your application.

When your application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation. You will then be taken to your affiliate dashboard, where you can find your unique affiliate link and a variety of promotional items to help you get started.

Sign up for the Grammarly Affiliate Program today and start earning commissions!

Evaluations of Businesses of Grammarly

Grammarly has garnered excellent feedback from customers on key review services such as Trustpilot, Capterra, and G2. These sites allow people to share their experiences and opinions on a variety of products and services, including Grammarly’s writing tools. Grammarly has a great 4.5-star average rating on Trustpilot, Capterra, and G2.

Customers constantly laud Grammarly’s excellent proofreading and grammar checking skills. Users like the accuracy and efficacy of Grammarly’s suggestions and edits, which help them enhance the quality and clarity of their writing.

Reviewers also praise Grammarly’s user-friendly layout, which makes it simple to navigate and use its functions. Grammarly also integrates with key platforms and applications like Microsoft Office and Google.


Program Wrap-Up and Conclusion 

The Grammarly Affiliate Program provides an amazing chance for affiliates to earn competitive commissions by marketing Grammarly’s high-quality writing products. With a good affiliate support system in place, affiliates can get the help they need to maximize their earning potential.

One of the program’s most notable aspects is its competitive commission rate, which provides affiliates with a large percentage of each referral’s purchase. This encourages affiliates to promote Grammarly’s products enthusiastically, resulting in greater conversions.

The platform also provides real-time tracking and reporting, enabling affiliates to measure their progress and make data-driven decisions. Affiliates can access their affiliate dashboard to obtain specific information about referral data, commissions collected, and conversion rates.

The Grammarly Affiliate Program stands out for the comprehensive support it provides to affiliates. The program’s support team is readily available to address any questions or problems, ensuring that affiliates have the resources they need to thrive. The support team is dedicated to assisting affiliates in achieving their goals, whether it be through promotional techniques or technical concerns.

To summarize, the Grammarly Affiliate Program offers a compelling potential for affiliates in the writing and editing area. With Grammarly’s competitive compensation rate, strong affiliate support, and high-quality product, affiliates can reliably market the writing tools and earn substantial commissions.

Guidelines for Encouraging Grammarly

As an affiliate, there are various effective ways to market Grammarly while increasing your earnings. Let’s look at some of the most impactful strategies:

Make Engaging Blog Posts and Articles

  • Create informative and convincing blog posts, articles, and reviews emphasizing the advantages and features of Grammarly’s writing tools.
  • Share personal experiences and success stories to interest readers and explain the benefits of using Grammarly.
  • Include your affiliate link in the post or as a call-to-action at the end to encourage readers to join up for Grammarly.

Maximize the Potential of Social Media

  • Create captivating social media posts and videos that demonstrate Grammarly’s success and impact.
  • Target targeted audiences and participate in relevant communities to broaden your reach and increase interest.
  • Share testimonials, tips, and tactics to engage your audience and urge them to use Grammarly.

Improve Your Email Signature

Make the most of each email you send by inserting your Grammarly affiliate link in the signature. This passive promotion strategy can result in referrals when receivers click on the link out of curiosity or an interest in improving their writing skills.

Enhance Your Website’s Potential

If you have a website or blog with a relevant audience, you may effectively market Grammarly. Place banner advertising or carefully placed affiliate links around your website to attract visitors and increase conversions.
Remember to follow Grammarly’s affiliate program requirements and disclose your affiliate affiliation to preserve transparency and credibility with your target audience.

Now that you understand how to properly market Grammarly, it’s time to use these techniques and begin earning.

Payment Conditions and Tracking

As a Grammarly Affiliate Program affiliate, you can expect to receive monthly payouts on time. Grammarly offers a variety of payment options to fit your needs and region. You can collect your commissions using PayPal, Payoneer, check, or direct deposit.

With Grammarly’s Affiliate Dashboard, you can easily track your earnings. This user-friendly website provides detailed information about your referrals and commissions. You can track the performance of your affiliate links, clicks, and earnings in real time. The dashboard has an easy-to-use layout, allowing you to efficiently analyze your marketing efforts.

The Grammarly Affiliate Program’s simple payment terms and strong tracking options ensure that you can easily track your efforts and collect your hard-earned rewards.


Program for Grammarly Referrals

Aside from the Grammarly Affiliate Program, there is another great way to earn money: the Grammarly Referral Program. This distinct program enables users to use their network to introduce others to Grammarly by utilizing their unique referral link. Affiliates can earn hefty commissions by sharing their referral link.

Affiliates can earn up to $10 in commissions for each referral who signs up for Grammarly through their referral link. The more recommendations an affiliate generates, the more they can earn. It is a simple and successful approach to monetize one’s network while also introducing people to the benefits of Grammarly’s writing tools.

To make things even better, the Grammarly Referral Program offers a user-friendly dashboard that allows affiliates to track their commissions.

Affiliates can expect to get monthly payouts after earning referral commissions. Grammarly simply accepts payments via PayPal or Payoneer, assuring a smooth and hassle-free payout process. With the Grammarly Referral Program, affiliates may make extra money while helping others improve their writing skills using Grammarly’s powerful features.

Questions Mostly Asked

What is the Grammarly Affiliate Program’s commission rate?

The Grammarly Affiliate Program pays a substantial 20% reward to affiliates who join.
How can Grammarly Affiliate Program participants earn money?

Affiliates can make money by marketing Grammarly’s top writing tools.
Does the Grammarly Affiliate Program have a broad appeal?

Yes, Grammarly is beneficial for writers, bloggers, students, and professionals.
What is the minimum payment for the Grammarly Affiliate Program?

The Grammarly Affiliate Program offers a minimum compensation of $50.
How long does the Grammarly Affiliate Program cookie window last?

The Grammarly Affiliate Program provides a 90-day cookie window.
How can I sign up for the Grammarly Affiliate Program?

To enroll in the Grammarly Affiliate Program, visit the program’s website.

How can I sign up for the Grammarly Affiliate Program?

To sign up for the Grammarly Affiliate Program, go to the website, input your email address, establish a password, and accept the terms and conditions.
What marketing resources are accessible to Grammarly affiliates?

Affiliates will have access to an affiliate dashboard that contains valuable marketing resources.
What commission structure does the Grammarly Affiliate Program offer?

The commission structure consists of $0.20 each free signup and $20 every premium subscription.

Can I make commissions from both free and premium Grammarly users through the Affiliate Program?

Yes, affiliates can get commissions from both free and paying users.
How can I receive income as a Grammarly Affiliate?

Affiliates can get monthly income through PayPal, Payoneer, cheque, or direct deposit, depending on their region.
Is there a separate Grammarly referral program?

Yes, Grammarly has a Referral Program in which users can earn money by recommending others to Grammarly using their unique referral link.

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