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In the realm of affiliate marketing program, the Rei Co-op Affiliate Marketing Program stands as a beacon, offering a gateway for bloggers, SEO experts, and online marketers to monetize their efforts.


In this comprehensive blog post, we will embark on an exploration of the Rei Co-op Affiliate Marketing Program, delving into the application process, commission rates, and effective strategies to optimize your earnings. Additionally, we’ll shed light on alternatives, including insights on notable would love to find the REI products using “gap inc,” “rei outlet,” and “impact rei.”

The REI Affiliate Program offers a commission rate of 5% on qualifying sales made through affiliate links. This is a competitive rate in the outdoor gear industry. The program also boasts a generous 30-day cookie referral window, meaning you can earn commission on sales even if a customer clicks on your link and then makes a purchase directly on the REI website within 30 days.

Here are some key takeaways about the REI Affiliate Marketing Program:

  • Commission rate: 5%
  • Cookie referral window: 30 days
  • Product selection: Diverse range of outdoor products, including camping gear, hiking equipment, clothing, and footwear
  • Benefits: Competitive commission rate, generous cookie referral window, access to high-quality marketing materials, and the ability to leverage REI’s brand reputation

Here are some additional details from the passage:

  • The program is managed by the AvantLink affiliate network.
  • You can optimize your earnings by creating engaging content, utilizing SEO strategies, and promoting REI products effectively through various channels.
  • Third-party tools like Lasso can be helpful for analyzing your affiliate data and making data-driven decisions.
REI Outdoor ProductsKey Features
Camping GearDurable materials for long-lasting performanceInnovative designs for ease of setup and comfort
Wide range of options to suit various camping styles and preferences
Hiking EquipmentLightweight and durable gear for enhanced mobility
Advanced features for improved safety and functionality on the trails
Comfortable and adjustable designs for a personalized fit
ClothingMoisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics for active performance
Protection from the elements with waterproof and windproof technologies
Versatile and stylish options suitable for various outdoor activities
FootwearComfortable and supportive designs for long hikes and outdoor adventures
Durable materials that can withstand rugged terrains
Grippy outsoles for traction on different surfaces

Rei Co-op Affiliate Marketing Program

What Sets Rei Co-op Apart?

We’ll dive into the unique features that make Rei Co-op an enticing affiliate marketing opportunity. From its stellar outdoor gear and apparel offerings to a dedicated customer base, this section sets the stage for why Rei Co-op is worth exploring.

How to Join the Program

A step-by-step guide on the application process through the AvantLink platform. We’ll highlight the prerequisites, ensuring potential affiliates are well-prepared to navigate the application process seamlessly.


Joining the REI Affiliate Program is a straightforward procedure. To become an affiliate and begin earning commissions, you must fulfill the program’s requirements. Once approved, you will have access to a wide range of marketing materials and promotional tools provided by REI. These resources will assist you in successfully driving traffic and promoting your affiliate deals.

The REI Affiliate Program is maintained by the AvantLink affiliate network, which ensures accurate tracking and prompt payment. This cooperation ensures that your efforts are accurately tracked and that you receive the commissions you deserve. It’s a reliable platform that provides peace of mind and security to all affiliates.

Approval Criteria and Next Steps

Insights into the approval process, the time frame for application processing, and tips on preparing for success post-approval.

Benefits of Joining the REI Affiliate Program

Competitive Commission RateEarn a generous commission of up to 5% on each sale made through your affiliate links.
Wide Range of ProductsPromote a diverse selection of outdoor gear, catering to the needs and interests of your audience.
Brand ReputationLeverage REI’s brand loyalty and trust to build credibility and increase your conversion rates.
Reliable Tracking and PaymentThe program is managed through the AvantLink affiliate network, ensuring accurate tracking and timely commission payouts.
Marketing Materials and ToolsAccess a wide range of resources provided by REI to help you effectively promote their products and drive traffic.

Commission Rates and Payout Options

Lucrative Commission Rates

Exploring the potential earnings with commission rates of up to 5%. We’ll analyze how the average order value of $120 can translate into significant income for affiliates.

Commission Structure:

  1. Earn a competitive 5% commission on all qualifying sales
  2. Commissions are paid on the net sale amount, excluding taxes, shipping, and returns
  3. Affiliates are rewarded for driving new customer acquisitions and repeat sales

Flexible Payout Options

When it comes to obtaining your hard-earned commissions, the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program has several payment alternatives. You can receive your earnings via direct deposit or wire transfer, allowing you to choose the method that best meets your tastes and needs.

A deep dive into the convenient direct deposit and wire transfer options, providing affiliates with flexibility and timely earnings.

Payout OptionBenefits
Direct Deposit– Convenient and secure– Fast and reliable– No additional fees
Wire Transfer– Suitable for international affiliates– Quick and efficient– Additional fees may apply

Promoting REI Products Effectively

Key Product Categories

Highlighting popular product categories, from survival equipment to outdoor sports gear. We’ll provide insights on tailoring promotions to specific audience interests.

Here are some key categories of popular products you can promote:

Survival Equipment: REI offers a variety of survival gear, including emergency kits, first aid supplies, and navigation tools.
Clothing for Men and Women: From hiking pants and jackets to performance shirts and base layers, REI has a wide range of apparel to suit various outdoor activities.
Camping and Hiking Gear: REI’s camping and hiking gear collection includes tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, cooking equipment, and more.
Fitness Gear: If your audience is interested in fitness and outdoor workouts, REI offers fitness gear such as activity trackers, running shoes, and yoga equipment.
Outdoor Sports Equipment: REI also caters to outdoor sports enthusiasts with a selection of equipment for activities like cycling, kayaking, skiing, and climbing.

Utilizing REI’s Marketing Tools

Guidance on leveraging high-quality images, detailed product descriptions, and custom affiliate links for effective promotion.

Strategies for Maximizing Earnings

Content Insights and Data Analysis

In-depth exploration of strategies, including content insights and data analysis, to identify high-converting pages and links for optimized marketing efforts.

StrategyKey Benefits
Utilize Marketing ToolsStreamline promotional efforts
Analyze Affiliate DataMake data-driven decisions
Connect with Other AffiliatesGain insights and learn from experiences
Follow Program GuidelinesMaintain a good relationship with REI
  • Gain valuable insights into your performance
  • Track important metrics like clicks, conversions, and revenue
  • Identify trends and patterns in your data
  • Optimize your marketing strategies based on data-driven decisions
  • Allocate resources effectively for better results
BenefitsThird-Party Tools
Gain insightsAnalytics, Lasso
Track metricsLasso, Google Analytics
Identify trendsLasso, Analytics
Data-driven decisionsLasso, Analytics
Optimize strategiesAnalytics, Lasso

Networking and Industry Trends

Emphasizing the importance of networking with other affiliates for insights and exploring emerging industry trends to stay ahead in the competitive affiliate marketing landscape.

To effectively promote REI’s outdoor items, consider the following tactics.

  • Create insightful and informative product reviews that highlight major aspects and offer useful insights to your audience.
  • Create compelling material, such as outdoor gear recommendations, packing lists, and adventure stories, to demonstrate the diversity and utility of REI’s products.
  • Use high-quality photographs and videos to visually engage your audience and demonstrate the products in action.
  • Optimize your content using relevant keywords and SEO approaches to increase visibility and organic traffic.
  • Share your personal experiences and advice to build trust and authenticity.

Pros and Cons of Rei Co-op Affiliate Program


Spotlighting the high-quality products, dedicated customer base, and competitive commission rates as advantages.

Benefits of the REI Affiliate Program
Diverse Product Selection
Competitive Commission Rate
30-Day Cookie Referral Window
Leverage REI’s Brand Loyalty and Product Quality


Addressing potential limitations, such as the membership requirement for customers.

Membership requirement: One potential disadvantage of the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program is that customers need to be a member to shop on the site. This may limit the number of potential customers who can make purchases through your affiliate links.


Alternatives to Rei Co-op Affiliate Program

While the REI Affiliate Program provides an excellent potential for affiliates in the outdoor gear niche, it is worthwhile to examine alternative affiliate programs that focus to certain industrial sectors. These programs may provide different product options or greater commission rates, allowing you to maximize your earnings and target your unique audience.

Exploring Outdoor Gear Brands

Introducing alternatives like Patagonia, The North Face, Columbia, and Mountain Hardwear, comparing commission rates and product offerings.

Below are some examples of alternative affiliate programs:

Patagonia is well-known for its eco-friendly and durable outdoor gear, and it offers a diverse choice of products for ecologically aware outdoor lovers.
Backcountry – With a large assortment of outdoor gear and clothes from numerous companies, Backcountry offers affiliates a wide range of products to promote.
Moosejaw – Specializing in outdoor wear and gear, Moosejaw takes a distinctive and whimsical approach to outdoor products, appealing to a specialized group of outdoor enthusiasts.

Comparison of REI Affiliate Program and Alternative Affiliate Programs

Affiliate ProgramCommission RateProduct Selection
REI Affiliate Program5%Diverse range of outdoor products
PatagoniaVaries (typically around 8-12%)Eco-friendly outdoor gear
BackcountryVaries (typically around 8-12%)Wide range of outdoor gear and clothing
MoosejawVaries (typically around 8-12%)Outdoor apparel and gear
Outdoor Gear BrandAffiliate Program CommissionKey Benefits
PatagoniaUp to 10%High-quality products, strong brand reputation
The North Face6%-10%A wide range of outdoor apparel and equipment
Columbia4%-12%Extensive selection of outdoor gear and clothing
Mountain Hardwear8%Specialized gear for mountaineering and outdoor adventures
Tips for Success

Crafting High-Quality Content

Emphasizing the importance of engaging content that provides value to the audience.

SEO Optimization and Social Media Engagement

Insights on optimizing content for search engines and leveraging social media platforms to expand reach.

Optimization StrategyDescription
Create Valuable ContentWrite informative articles, guides, and reviews that provide value to your audience and incorporate REI affiliate links organically.
Utilize SEO TechniquesOptimize your content with relevant keywords, meta tags, and URLs to improve search engine visibility and attract organic traffic.
Promote on Social MediaShare compelling visuals and engaging captions on social media platforms to reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your affiliate offers.
Email MarketingUtilize your email list to send newsletters featuring exclusive deals and new product releases, encouraging subscribers to click on your affiliate links.
Analyze Affiliate DataRegularly review metrics such as click-through rates and conversion rates to identify trends and optimize your marketing strategies for better results.

Is the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program Right for You?

A thoughtful recap of the guide, encouraging readers to evaluate their goals, preferences, and audience reach before deciding whether the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program aligns with their affiliate marketing strategy.

In conclusion, the REI Affiliate Program is an excellent potential for affiliates in the outdoor gear market. By advertising REI’s outstanding choice of outdoor products and implementing efficient affiliate marketing tactics, you can significantly increase your profits and build a flourishing affiliate marketing business.


Joining the REI Affiliate Program is a lucrative collaboration for both seasoned and aspiring affiliate marketers, as it offers a competitive commission rate of 5%, a varied range of outdoor gear to promote, and the support of a reputable brand. REI’s commitment to providing high-quality products allows you to create trust with your target audience and achieve higher conversion rates.

The Rei Co-op Affiliate Program provides a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers to profit from the expanding demand for outdoor gear and apparel. With attractive commission rates and a diverse choice of high-quality products to promote, this affiliate program has the potential to generate significant revenue. However, before plunging in, make sure the program corresponds with your affiliate marketing goals.

However, it is worth noting that the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program has its own set of criteria and concerns. For example, the program requires an existing internet presence or website before being considered for approval. Additionally, potential customers must have a membership to shop on the REI website, which may limit your audience reach.

Finally, judging the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program comes down to your individual aims and interests as an affiliate marketer. If you are interested in the outdoor gear sector and match the program’s qualifications, the income potential and diverse product offering make it a viable chance to pursue. Weigh the pros, downsides, and fit with your marketing plan to make an informed judgment about whether this program


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program?

The Rei Co-op Affiliate Program is a collaboration between content creators or digital publishers and REI, a well-known outdoor gear and apparel brand. Affiliates can earn commissions by recommending REI products via affiliate links on their website or social media. When users click on these affiliate links and make a purchase, the affiliate receives a commission from the sale.
How do I join the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program?

To participate in the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program, submit an application using the AvantLink portal. The program is selective and requires an existing website or online presence. REI and AvantLink will assess your application for approval. If accepted, you will gain access.

What are the commission rates and payment alternatives for the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program?

The Rei Co-op Affiliate Program offers commission rates of up to 5% on any sales made through your affiliated links. The average order value from REI is $120, which can lead to large earnings for affiliates. Payouts can be made via direct deposit or wire transfer, giving affiliates greater flexibility in receiving their revenue.
How do I market REI products as an affiliate?

As a member of the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program, you will have access to a variety of marketing materials and promotional tools to help you promote REI products. You can market a variety of outdoor items and accessories, including survival equipment, human’s clothing.

As a Rei Co-op Affiliate Program affiliate, how can I optimize my earnings?

To increase your earnings, use content insights and data analysis tools to determine which pages and links earn the most. This data might help you improve your affiliate marketing efforts by focusing on the most popular and high-converting products. Furthermore, connecting with other affiliates and being current on industry trends can bring significant insights and chances for growth.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program?

The Rei Co-op Affiliate Program has several advantages, including REI’s high-quality products, a loyal client base, and a competitive compensation rate. However, one potential downside is the need for a membership to shop.

Is there an alternative to the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program?

Yes, different affiliate programs exist in the outdoor gear market. Some choices include affiliate programs provided by other outdoor gear businesses. It is critical to investigate and evaluate several programs to determine the greatest fit for your niche and target audience.
What advice can you offer for success in the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program?

To be successful in the Rei Co-op Affiliate Program, you must use excellent affiliate marketing methods. This includes optimizing your material for search engines, producing high-quality and interesting content, utilizing social media platforms, and constantly assessing and optimizing your affiliate marketing efforts. Implementing these ideas can help you enhance your profits and succeed in the program.

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